Volunteers notes: Eskil Krist

My experience with Watamu Turtle Watch / Local Ocean Trust so far:

“Oh, so nice you are here!” Was the first thing I heard when I arrived. Fikiri was waiting for me so we could release 5 turtles, and that was just the beginning of a busy day…
Trying to predict the day is a challenge, there is a task list written in the morning but you never know. This is Africa, and it’s volunteer work. And I like it!

Releasing of turtles, which are caught in fishermens’ nets, has been my most frequent task so far.
With capturing of vital data and tagging, transport it to the national ark and the best: Set her free, back into the ocean 🙂 And there are so many other things to do and experience!

If you have never been to Africa, find a project of your interest and join it. You will never regret!

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