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Beach Development and nesting
June has been an extra-ordinary month for the Local Ocean Team. With the month ending, we cannot afford to forget to mention that our female sea turtles are still coming to nest on our beaches. One of the most recent nests being of a green turtle discovered near structures erected on the beach. It is evident that structures and uncontrolled development on the beaches are a great threat to sea turtles. This nest had to be relocated to a safe place in order to increase its survival rate.

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Hatchlings hatching!
It also overwhelming to highlight that we are continuing to experience more hatching events.

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hatching - hatchling swimming

Sea turtle Hospital
It is sad news that with all this exciting stuff happening at the Local Ocean Trust, we admitted two new patients to our Rehabilitation Centre. We now have four patients in our centre. The two new patients have intestinal tract blockages which could have probably been caused by eating plastics. Sea turtles and other marine life mistake plastics for their food items.

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Hotel talks
With the low tourist season almost ending, we have resumed our hotels’ PowerPoint presentations. These are aimed at creating awareness to both the domestic and international tourists.

Watamu Clean-up
The Local Ocean and the Watamu Environmental Initiative Group organised a much needed cleanup at the Watamu Beach road T junction. This rubbish has been accumulating over the months. Full marks to all who took part as it was a very hard task including removing ‘flying toilets’. LOT’s Athman Abdalla organizes clean ups in the Watamu village area on a regular basis. We still have one side of the T junction to go – the side which is done took a full day with 20 participants! Its not so much the volume but the nature of what they have to pick up. Many thanks to all who took part.

Watamu T- junctionLocal Ocean Trust staff - Athman and NelsonGroup at work!Group photo

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