Rehabilitation Centre

The centre is full with eight in-patients which include two green turtle hatching. Please follow us on this site and our facebook page to find out more on the different cases we are dealing with at the Turtle hospital.

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A Walk in The Mida Creek Mangroves
This month, LOT team set out for a routine assessment of the Mida creek mangroves. The devastating impacts of human interference were evident all around us; stumps lay where massive mangrove trees once towered. Numerous treeless patches dot the scenery. A recently replanted patch is now devoid of any vegetation and the few seedlings surviving are heavily infested with barnacles; Lime treatment was experimentally administered to some of the infested seedlings. A reassessment of the trees in a week’s time should produce conclusive results. Fact; A lot remains to be done to save our precious Mida mangrove system.

Mangrove degradation

Data collection
On the Research forum, we managed to complete the third phase of the beach condition analysis. The aim of this activity is to provide a baseline for monitoring the sea turtle nesting areas in Watamu which could be a vital tool in developing conservation and management measures.

Nelly and Matthew during the beach analysis activity


A search to resolve sea turtle poaching…
Sea turtle poaching in Watamu seems to be the same old endless story. LOT team in conjunction with the local fishermen and community groups are working together to resolve this problem which puts these fascinating creatures to the brink of extinction.

Sea turtle poaching zone
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