Nesting during the day
Sea turtle nesting season is one of our favorite times of year at Local Ocean Trust: Watamu Turtle Watch, and this year we have been busy with female turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. One of the spectacular event witnessed by early morning beach walkers was seeing a female green turtle nest in broad daylight (8.a.m). This is was very unusual as most turtles nest in the middle of the night and early in the morning.
Thanks to our wonderful night patrol staff, Kiptum and Lewa who keep vigil for every female turtle that come to lay their eggs. In April alone we had 8 nests.
Check out the pictures!
Daytime nester - Watamu Turtle WatchDaylight nester

One of our turtles was an ‘old’ nester. She started laying on our beach in 2002, again in 2006 and has returned this year. It’s very satisfying to know she is still safe and coming back to lay. She’s grown a total of 10 centimetres and going strong.
Nester return - repeater

Wildman Triathlon hosted by Turtle Bay Beach Club, Kenya
This initiative brought together hundreds of competitors, spectators and the local community. Local Ocean Trust: Watamu Turtle Watch team took part in the community event and had great time.
April 2010Triatholon
April10Triatholon 011

Hatching – thrilling experiences
We had five nests that hatched in the month of April. Most of these nests showed a high success rate and we hope that these hatchlings will survive to reach adulthood. We are expecting more nests to hatch in the course of this month and the coming months.

Rehabilitation Centre
Helen the green turtle – In a span of two months since she was admitted, Helen’s progress has been amazing. She can now feed on her own and defecates perfectly!

Kasumni’s new harness for open water swimming is being perfected and we hope to try it out very soon.

Marine Resources Expedition www.marine-expedition.co.za We have been visited by a truly amazing couple, Linda Schonknecht and Mike Markovina have been visiting Local Ocean Trust: Watamu Turtle Watch on their way back to Cape Town, South Africa. Their expedition is aimed at highlighting the positive contributions of marine conservation in preservation of the world’s biodiversity. They have traveled through 24 countries in 48 months. Their work and expedition is inspirational. They have filmed our work and donated this to us, this resource will prove to be invaluable. For anyone in marine conservation south of us, get in touch, their visit will inspire you !!
moving sushi
Moving Sushi 2010

Education encounters – Egerton Univeristy – Kenya –
Students undertaking the International Postgraduate Course in Limnology (IPGL) and their lecturers visited the rehab centre
Rehab talk with Egerton University students 2010
International PostGraduate Limnology students from Egerton University with their lecturers
The Koiyaki Guiding School came on their yearly visit– dressed in their traditional Maasai regalia. They are always so welcome and so inspirational.
KoyakiGuideVisitApril 2010 004
KoyakiGuideVisitApril 2010 020
We always welcome the regular visits from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Turtle releases
The month of April has been a busy month with 97 sea turtles realized back to the ocean. Of these, 73 were green turtles and 24 hawksbills.
This brings our total releases for the year to 228 and our total since our programme began 10 years ago to 5987 sea turtles.

IMG_12198 Nasrin releasing a juvenile hawksbill turtle

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