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Radio Tracking Turtle Style!

On the 8th of January this year George Kalama, a fisherman from Uyombo, found Stumpy in his nets.

We got a call and rushed to the beach where he was entangled. We examined him for any injuries and sadly he was missing half a front flipper. However it was exciting to discover out that he was an adult because we normally find young turtles in our creeks, older turtles tend to live in the open ocean.

We decided as he was an adult we  would work with WWF on their current project. We fixed him up with a satellite tag, a special device which allows people to track him.

It was fixed onto his back with waterproof glue.

The tag is fixed to Stumpy's back

Because he was such a big guy we needed a big team to get him to the beach!

Stumpy is carried down to the beach

Stumpy had to be cooled down with water on his long walk to the sea.

Stumpy gets a cooling splash of water on his long walk to the sea

Follow Stumpy’s progress along with us at

marine turtle nest protection and research programme

Watamu & Malindi marine turtle nest protection and research programme.

In 1997 Watamu Turtle Watch initiated a sea turtle nest protection programme for Watamu in co-operation with the local community. Daily patrols by community members check for nesting turtles, new nests, and protect and monitor incubating and hatching nests. Nesting turtles that are encountered are tagged and data collected. Nests are allowed to incubate in situ unless laid in an area threatened by sea wash, in which case they are carefully translocated to a safe area. Research is carried out on nesting and hatching success. To date over 350 nests and 35,000 hatchlings have been protected.

WTW Staff measuring the nest – a turtle nesting